“Brilliant site, fantastic knowledge of computers, laptops, phone and setting up everything needed. Highly recommend. 100%.” – H Edmondson, a regular customer and follower of our “Did you know?” page.

“Well Tristan asked if I would write him a testimonial and I said I was happy to. Problem is they are harder than they seem, what would someone believe without it sounding hype?  Well the truth is that I feel I can trust Tristan with my web site and with all I ask him to do for me. Now you can’t say that about too many people in business nowadays. When I have needed to ask a question he answers me with just enough technical speak and just enough common language for me to understand what he means, not blinded me with science that I have no idea about. He is prepared to refine and discuss what I need so that he can present it in the best manner possible rather than just say it can’t be done. Although he is some one outside my company I feel he is not distant but is actually working with me in helping to promote my business, not just doing what is asked and needing lots of reminding to get even that done as I have experienced in the past. I have to admit that the thought of finding someone as skilled and as comfortable to get on with as Tristan fills me with horror if he ever changed business. I hope you will feel the same.”
– Ian Chipperfield, The Staymaker TheStaymaker.co.uk

“On behalf of Paint & Paper Ltd, could I just say how impressed we were with your service today (11th April, 2008).  We needed two networked computers replacing with much quicker systems and it was crucial we were without the machines for as little time as possible.
You arrived at 10.30 am and finished by 2.00 pm.
Not only did you carry out the task in hand with speed and efficiency but also explained in a friendly manner, in terms we could understand, exactly what needed to be done and what you were doing as you went along.
Additionally you gave us lots of unsolicited useful advice and ideas which will definitely save us money in the future.
Thanks for everything.
We shall certainly be using you again.”
– Stephen Dix, Director, Paint & Paper Ltd

“Thank you Tristan so much for all your help and patient instruction ‘on site’ throughout my broadband installation and also for the after-sales care; you went to a lot of trouble and effort well above and beyond the call of duty and managed to solve all my website problems and salvage all that I thought was lost, totally amazing that one person could know so much about this IT lark and so down to earth with it and not blind me with science! I certainly would not hesitate in recommending your services to others. You pushed all the boundaries in terms of After Sales Care and I feel 101% confident that when the time comes for my further (definite!) help and advice, be it on the end of a ‘phone, by email or in person then you will be the person to call. My computer, and therefore my livelihood, are in your hands…….. and I’m extremely happy to remain that way for a long time to come. Very, very impressed, thank you!!!!!”
– Samantha Elmhurst BA Hons, Living Art livingart.org.uk