Modern business is heavily reliant on it’s IT infrastructure but dedicating a whole, full time department to it can be wasteful.  If you need to know that there’s someone who is always on call and can get things working again, we can definitely help.  For a business customer, IT failures are inconvenient and costly and we work hard to ensure that peak performance is maintained.  We can offer one off assistance with projects or long term support depending on your requirements and we are flexible enough to handle anything in between.  Additionally, our out of hours support means that your in hours productivity isn’t limited by IT outages or planned maintenance.  It’s a common misconception that IT support who you call several times a week and always respond straight away are offering great service, your technology should “just work”, failures (and costly emergency call outs) should be few and far between, we can make that happen.

Our business IT services include (but can accommodate most other requests also):

  • Set up and maintenance of office logins, data, servers and IT.
  • Migration to cloud solutions (such as Microsoft 365 with Sharepoint Online) and on-premises integration
  • Remote Monitoring and management
  • Planned IT updates, security and maintenance
  • New infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Existing Infrastructure maintenance and upgrades

We charge an hourly rate of £55 for the first hour and £40 for any subsequent hours, regardless of the time of day.