Lost all of your data?! Turn it off and call us! We can talk you through what you might be able to recover and do the recovery. We won’t charge you if we can’t recover anything.
If you’ve snapped the plug off your USB key or accidentally restored your computer to factory settings get in touch, we can help.

Is the disk array in your server not working any more?
Is your website suddenly not there any more?
Hosting company vanished?
Computer won’t boot and has important files saved on it?

These things can cause significant issues for businesses, company downtime and lost income. We can can get you back on the right track. We carry out recovery processes on broken servers and computers. Then we can offer options for solutions to the immediate problem (sometimes repairs or new hardware are required) and for prevention of recurrences, e.g. backup solutions.

If your website has suddenly disappeared, normally due to a problem with your hosting company, it’s surprising how much we can rebuild! There is usually information available, and we know where to dig to find it! Using any existing information to rebuild the site and meaning you don’t have to start all over again.