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Residential ServicesWe offer both pre-built OEM computers or custom-build computers to any specification you want.
Feel free to phone or email us for a no-obligation opinion on your purchase - we will often point out deals or good value computers available from retail shops in Norwich, as their stocks are larger and computer sales margins are low.

Pre-Built (OEM)
For budget-concious pruchases, it is often cheaper to get a pre-built computer. We can supply these, or give no-obligation recommendations for purchases from retail stores in Norwich. We find it's often easier to source a computer from John Lewis or other suppliers as the prices are often competitive and large stores hold much larger stocks.

We custom build computers for customers with a need for a specialised or high-performance computer. With over 7 years of experience specifying, building and troubleshooting computers, our engineers are always on-hand to help you decide what should go in your new computer to best fit your requirements.
Custom-built computers can range from 399 for a basic unit through to thousands for a Top-of-the-range media centre with multiple terabytes of backed-up storage. Feel free to give us a ring and discuss your requirements, and we will endeavour to help!

We can source laptops, or recommend good value products from major retailers. contact us for a no-obligation guide to the best ways to find a laptop! We also can customise laptops - changing memory, hard disks, and sometimes graphics processors and CPUs to suit your requirements better.
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