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Residential ServicesWe perform virus checkups - a full system scan and removal of any viruses, spyware or trojans found.

Our standard workshop practice focuses on your data. Any virus removal work, unless otherwise specified, is performed carefully and with the emphasis on preserving user data. In almost all cases the system can be repaired without losing user data, even if the operating system (Windows) has to be reinstalled.

Compare this practice to a major retail chain, where standard practice is to reinstall back to factory settings, destroying all changes the user has made since they bought the computer.

We find most people value the data held on their computer higher than the computer hardware itself. When you consider that on your computer could be the only copies of your childrens schoolwork, college work, university work, your family photos, your music collection, your emails, your address book, your internet favourites/bookmarks, and all manner of other data... this is why people come to us for virus removal rather than taking the computer to a large retail store.
Please note that we also offer backup systems which you can use very simply to safeguard your data day-to-day - while we offer data recovery services and computer repair, even we cannot recover data from every hard disk, and we cannot recover data from a computer which has been stolen, for example. We therefore strongly recommend that you keep regular backups of all your important data.

Virus removal is a difficult item to price - depending on the severity and complexity of the virus removal could take minutes through to hours. Due to our thorough backup procedures, it is rare for a job to take less than half an hour. We normally state between one and two hours of work - however one callout this may take longer as virus scans take time. We therefore often recommend a virus removal job is performed in our workshops, rather than on-site to save you the cost of an engineer watching a progress bar for an hour!

If you have any queries, you are always welcome to contact us!
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