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Residential ServicesWe can supply and install all manner of software.

We supply Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (though this is getting hard to source, it can be a better choice for a business standardised on XP systems already). We can supply Windows retail and OEM (with our computers). We can also provide the business-orientated multi-licence packs, if you have more than a few computers to set up.

Other Operating Systems
We can also supply Apple-based computers. We can supply and configure Linux-based systems, if you require a linux-based server or desktop for your home use.

Office Suites
We can supply all packages for Microsoft Office - 2010 being recommended. We also recommend you consider OpenOffice, a free alternative to Microsoft Office, which is ideal for home or business use where neither Microsoft-specific features nor extensive Microsoft Office experience is a consideration.

Our current recommendation for antivirus is AVG Free edition, but for full-featured software (including firewall and internet security) we recommend Panda.
We reassess the best security suite every few months, so this information is subject to change as comparies make progress or fall behind in the battle against malicious software.
We can, of course, provide almost any security package you desire - if we do not have it in stock, we can order it from our trade suppliers.

We deal in Sage and IRIS finance software amongst others - however, we can source any package you need.
As with any computer query you may have - you can call us and discuss your needs, and we shall endeavour to satify them. Just because something isn't spcifically mentioned, this doesn't mean we cannot provide it!
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