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Residential ServicesPlease feel free to contact us (details on our contact page) - we can answer any queries you may have over the 'phone, and can often fix simple faults via telephone support. We are always happy to talk to customers!

Our residential repair service caters for your computer needs at any time of day - we specialise in evening and weekend callouts when people are not at their workplaces. We can come to see a computer onsite for any problem, though we may advise that your costs could be lower if we addressed the fault in our workshop. Major hardware faults are often easier and cheaper to fix in the workshop as more tools and supplies are available, and jobs requiring very slow operations can be performed while our engineer is working on other customers' requirements in the workshop.

Home callouts are, we find, popular with customers - a courteous engineer coming to your house in the evening and fixing your problem can be easier for you than taking your computer in to our workshop - and some faults can only be adddressed on-site as they depend on peripherals or your house wiring - such as broadband failures.

Computers fixed in our workshop can work out cheaper as you won't be paying for engineer time while slow operations are performed, such as virus scans. Typically, if a standard windows 7 install is done on-site then it would cost more as our engineer would be unable to perform other jobs during the periods when no input is required, such as hard drive formatting, or file copying.

Our normal rates are 55 callout charge, including the first hour onsite (the idea being that fuel costs etc. are covered by this in normal circumstances) followed by 40 per hour for any hours after the first.
For example, a callout in norwich would cost 55 for the first hour, and 40 per hour after the first - if our engineer was on site for 2 hours, the charge would be 95.

Unlike some companies, we do not charge for all "part hours" - so a callout for 2 hours 10 minutes would be rounded down to 2 hours.

Due to the long travel time and larger travel costs of long distances, we reserve the right to add fuel costs to the first hour for distances over 15 miles from Norwich. Note that we do not by any means always add fuel charges - it depends on various factors, including other callouts our engineer is attending that day.

Workshop charges are charged at a flat rate of 40 per hour, rounded to the nearest half hour in the same manner as home callouts.
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