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ADSL, broadband down your phone line, is a technology we do not directly sell. We recommend various providers of broadband, and the current best provider for speed, stability and support is reassessed constantly. The best provider is usually different for each telephone exchange, depending on which companies have installed LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) equipment, so the best provider in Norwich Main would apply to, for example, the Freethorpe exchange.

We have years of experience installing, troubleshooting and supporting ADSL lines from a variety of providers. If you need to change your setup - for example to add wireless for laptops, or to support additional computers, we have the expertise you need. Call us (details on our Contact Page) for free advice, or to arrange an engineer to sort your problem out at your convenience.

We can install additional phone sockets within your home, including cabling your home with network sockets.
We supply and install any form of networking equipment you need, from a simple ADSL router for a single computer, to wireless routers, to running a network of cabled PCs and a group of laptops on wireless. For full building cabling services see our business cabling services.

Other Broadbands
We do not only support ADSL-based broadbands - we also have extensive experience supporting NTL's (now Virgin Media's) Cable broadband services using the cable modem or set-top box and networking.
We can also support satellite and long-range (for example 802.16 wireless) broadband services. If you are in any doubt over whether we can help you, remember you can always contact us without obligation and simply ask!
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