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Residential Services
Residential Repair
This details our residential repair packages for home users. We offer both a home callouts service and a workshop repair service - whichever suits you!

Residential Callouts
We offer home callouts within Norfolk and north Suffolk to address any issues you have with your home IT setup. We can visit you 24-hours a day, though additional charges could be made for callouts outside of normal hours. Our normal hours, however, do include evenings so we are ideally suited to supporting your computer after your return from work, for example. Please read the residential computers section for more information on our callouts service.

Residential Computers
We can offer a range of pre-built systems for home or business use, from basic office machines up to mid-range media servers. We also custom build machines if you want something special or just to perform a particular task.

Residential Software
We can supply all software - from supplying and installing Microsoft Windows, to sourcing a particular accounting package for your business. Look here for any and all software requirements!

Residential Broadband
Details of the various broadband packages on offer, and the suppliers we recommend. We have extensive experience in troubleshooting and installing ADSL packages, along with dialup and Virgin Cable.

Residential Networking
We can specify, supply and install all manner of home networking equipment to suit all manner of circumstances. From simple wired networking (including in-wall cabling) to wireless solutions to novel solutions - for example for long distances through listed buildings where wired systems are not possible.

Residential Virus & Malware
We can clean computers affected by viruses using our range of tools developed over the years - we can also recommend, supply and install antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware software. For details, look in Support->Residential->Virus & Malware.

Residential Data Recovery
We offer a full range of data recovery services to both home users and businesses - from losing photos from your camera to dropping your laptop in a lake - we can help!
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