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Residential Services
This document briefly details the business networking services which Yare Valley Technical Services offers. If you have any queries about our services, please call us - details on our contact page.

We offer cabling for your office or place of business, supplying and fitting network and telephone cabling in ducting throughout your building. We can provide a patch panel, connecting each neat socket or sockets at each computer station. We can provide interior cabling and ducting, and we can provide external cabling between buildings on your site.

We can design and quote for a networking setup for your building, designing systems to cover your needs, and future expansion possibilities. Our experience allows us to help you determine your networking and IT options, and explain those options to you - allowing you to choose the most efficient, and most efficient solution for your business.
Most business we help have grown in the last few years, and their needs for computer equipment and technical support have changed.

We can provide an Active Directory server or servers for your business, centralising your data and providing a regular structured system, which can be conveniently and assuredly backed up. We can provide roaming profiles, allowing your users to hot-desk, or to change desks and continue working in the event of a desktop computer failure.
From moving the data on three computers to a central server to allow your staff to share information and collaborate more effectively to building a new infrastructure to allow expansion and migrating your systems from an older infrastructure which your business has outgrown.

We can provide a backup solution for your business, allowing your data to survive the loss or failure of your hard disk, your computer, your server. We also provide solutions which cover the total loss of equipment, such as fire, theft, flood and other catastrophic disasters.
Often we find businesses which only consider their backup strategy when it's too late - it's always something non-urgent, which gets pushed to the side as business moves along. We urge you to consider your backup strategy, whether you decide to ask our advice or not, each and every business has some dependency on their data, and their computers. Consider what impact the total or partial loss of that data might have, and assess whether that has a financial impact lesser or greater than the cost of checking your backup solution.
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