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Business IconYare Valley Technical Services has a long record of providing high-quality technical services to both home and business customers. We strive to provide the best quality of service possible to our customers. Yare Valley Technical Services is trading name of Tristan Scott BSc(Hons), the proprieter. Tristan Scott BSc(Hons) is registered self-employed, and is working full-time as Yare Valley Technical Services.

For home users, we provide home callouts, including evenings and weekends, for a computer engineer to come out to your home. We can diagnose and fix computers, broadband, telephone wiring, networking, home servers, perform data recovery from an old computer or failed hard disk, and we can also supply and install your Hi-Fi and home theatre system for you. We also can fix computers in our own workshop, if you prefer to bring your computer to us.

For more details of our home user services and pricing schemes, look under Support->Residential on the menu at the top of this website.

For Business users, we can either provide one-off callouts for your business, or if you need support more often then we can provide a maintenance contract for your business - a useful halfway house between one-off callouts and employing your own engineer. For details of our offerings, please look under Support->Business on the menu at the top of this website. We offer all services which are available to home users to businesses, but as a business you get 30-day terms, and other options for support than simply individual callouts.
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